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Women Really Mean Business: Connecting Professional Women Worldwide

Mar 27, 2020

Heather Dominick is an HSE (Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur) and it is NOT a negative to be an HSE. Are you an HSE? Find out if you are in this interview and why being an HSE is not only a strength but needed in today's business world.

Mar 20, 2020

Nicholle Overkamp is a financial expert, author and someone that is on a mission to change how women think about money in a positive way and her REAL approach with clients drives lasting results for them.

Mar 13, 2020

Dominique Giroux is a professional that is intentional about mentoring others and she believes it is vital to your career to do so - after this talk you will be sold on doing the exact same thing!

Mar 6, 2020

Communication expert Dr. Laura Sicola helps people become more effective speakers and she has a special message in this episode to women and how they can find their voice and be heard the way they want and still be their authentic selves.

Feb 28, 2020

Maya Gaddie helps female entrepreneurs get crystal clear so that their passion turns into their signature - if you're unsure of where to go next in your business this is not a talk you can afford to miss.